Teamwork (#6 of 10 Principles)


At a recent grand opening we celebrated the 100% completion pf a residential project and  the great results of teamwork. It was hard to remember who on the team was most responsible for driving the design. The architectural principle could see the initial ideas were carried through design and construction. The Project Architect controlled the drawings to design the ideas into the solution. The Landscape Architect had leveraged the ideas into the site to let landscape extend the ideas to the property line.

Evolving ideas on site through teamwork.

Evolving ideas on site through teamwork.

The Client had approved the ideas and the solutions.  The Contractor built the work. Specialty subcontractors had worked with the team to invent new solutions for components of the design. Who was most responsible for the success of the project?

We believe we are the matchmaker between client goals and the formation of the project team to deliver a strategy that offers the best odds of a successful project.  The team starts with the expertise the client brings to the project, flows through the right project team with consultants filling the remaining gaps.  During construction some projects are built with partners and some construction is managed in house.  Project goals also determine which subcontractors and vendors are required on a project and which can be a commodity.

Custom projects are a team sport if you have the right team.

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