Rebranding A Leasing Center

Rebranding a Leasing Center

Back in September 2015, JPA was asked to renovate the leasing center and the clubhouse at the Conservatory at Druid Hills. The new design became a modern reimagination of the existing structure with flat roofs and significantly more and more modern styled windows. The leasing center’s design played with varying heights and volumes of spaces- giving a layered effect to the building and maximizing sunlight. The new design struck the management team as so innovative, that they devised a new name for the entire complex- the Viridian.

Viridian Conceptual Model

The Design

JPA worked with the old building footprint and attempted to reuse as much of the existing structure as possible. The general layout of the building was revised to add more office space, a larger lobby, a cart garage, and a wine lounge and package room as amenities for residents.

While the leasing center was not large in terms of square footage, the design had to become quite complex to accommodate the design aesthetic. The flat roof required steel joists to span long distances, and the new large and almost full-height windows restricted the allowable header space. The number of windows allowed for minimal wall support at the central lobby and required beams and metal post structures to bear the weight of a raised roof with clerestory windows. The flat roofs created another issue; allowing only a foot of roof thickness in which to conceal ducts. The engineers had a very difficult job laid out for them and could not approach the building with a standard solution. For this building, the solution had to be creative, tailored and precise.

The existing high pitched roof was being completely removed and replaced with a ‘flat’ roof. The ceiling heights would be raised and vary by space, and the central area of the building hosting the lobby and offices would have an open concept while still creating a ‘privacy nook’ for the offices with the ceiling height transitioning from 9’-0” (in the offices) to 17’-0” (in the lobby). A line of clerestory windows spanned the entire left side of the building, allowing ample sunlight into the offices. The 17’-0” high lobby space was ringed with clerestories as well.

Conceptual Floor Plan

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