Monastery of the Holy Spirit

Conyers, Georgia
Adaptive Reuse/ Renovation
and New Construction

Project Size

30,000 SF

Cost of Construction

$4.5 million


Monastery of the Holy Spirit


The Monastery of the Holy Spirit’s monks envisioned a new visitors’ center that would create a true monastic experience for guests as well as consolidate various industries within the organization into one area. For this unique place, they decided to preserve and repurpose a collection of underutilized farm buildings on site and needed a design firm with big ideas.

The firm looked to the monks own guiding principles when considering programming and design ideas, slowly refining the program before initializing design work. Through engagement with the monks, JPS was given the opportunity to share the monks’ vision and deliver spaces that have meaning and significance. This process also involved the community, which developed a shared direction for the project to support the decision-making committee at the helm of the Monastic Heritage Center project’s execution.

The final product provides guests with a meaningful experience at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, where guest satisfaction, attendance and sales have increased. Thrilled with the revitalization of their barn structures and improved Heritage Center, the monks continue to call on Jones Pierce Studios for guidance on their design projects at the Monastery.


  • Courtyard view of Visitor's Center

  • Cloister view of Monastic Heritage Center

  • Monastery of the Holy Spirit Museum & Historic Barn

    Monastery of the Holy Spirit Museum & Historic Barn

  • Courtyard view toward Abey Store & Cafe Garden

  • Visitor's Center

  • Courtyard view of Historic Barn

  • Detail of Cloister

  • Interior view of Abbey Store