Brasfield & Gorrie

Kennesaw, Georgia

Project Size

35,000 SF


Brasfield & Gorrie


The comprehensive design of a regional headquarters for a commercial contractor. The project scope included the planning of approximately 32,000 SF of offices and support functions over two floors with an additional separate 2500 SF Fitness Center on the ground floor.

The client requested the entry lobby to incorporate the finishes of the building lobby, yet present an image indicative of the company’s business: construc- tion. The firm wanted to project a corporate atmosphere but differentiate themselves from a law firm or any other corporate office.

The materials of stone and wood were carried through the building lobby. The pattern and panel layout was varied to represent increments of measure and the precision of construction. The vaulted ceiling was terminated away from the walls to “expose” the struc- ture above including the mechanical ductwork. The construction theme was underscored by the exposed fasteners of the metal panels on the reception desk and company signage.

The second floor accommodates 80-90% of the staff. The design reflects the main lobby however, the layout creates a “corporate casual” atmosphere.

A neutral palette of cream, green, tan and gray walls envelope the wood and steel desks and workstations of the employees. Throughout the offices are a series of black and white photographs depicting the construction process as well as completed projects.

  • B & G Lobby


  • B & G Workstations


  • B & G Reception


  • B & G office


  • B & G Conference


  • Cafeteria