Boys and Girls Club – Grant Park

Grant Park, Atlanta
Adaptive Reuse

Project Size

10,000 SF

Cost of Construction

$1 million


Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta


The Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta came to Jones Pierce looking to renovate their existing Warren Club in Grant Park in order to build a teen center for older children. At the time, children and teenagers were sharing facilities, and the older teens were in need of an area away from the younger children for their studies and activities. The exterior courtyard area designated for expansion was limiting due to its small size, and visual connectivity amongst all spaces was required by the mission of the organization. A great deal of creativity was required to maximize the potential outcome.

The design team “found” additional program space by adding a mezzanine and eliminating the original walls of the courtyard to open the perimeter, thus reclaiming some circulation areas to be unrestricted, contiguous program spaces. Bright, lively finishes and colors were utilized to enhance the infiltration of natural light, and the spaces were configured such that the activities within could be varied according to the needs of the users. The result is a vibrant space full of life and fun with room for all sorts of activities. The fulfillment of the project, though, came in seeing such joy in the faces of the teens upon seeing a new space designed for them where they would have their own area for fun and learning.