Monastery Prayer Path

Construction has begun on the 1st plaza along the Prayer Path at the Monastery. A series of 5 plazas will line the path from the Monastic Heritage Center to the Monastery and Abbey Church. Each plaza will feature rough-sawn board formed concrete walls with blue stone panels/plaques commemorating donors and/or their loved ones.

The following images are water color renderings of our proposed design for the Prayer Path and individual plazas. The water colors were done by Iain Stewart.


siteplan of the prayer path
Rendering of a Prayer Plaza Rendering of the Benefactors Plaza aerial view of the prayer path

To help the Monastery with their fund raising efforts for this project, we were asked to create a brochure to show the different renderings and the donor recognition options. (click to enlarge)

Brochure Inside Layout Brochure outside layout

Here are a few construction progress photos of the first plaza on the prayer path under construction.

The raw concrete walls, that line the prayer path, were created with formwork made from rough saw timber to express the natural woodgrain. The inset areas will hold bluestone plaques with names honoring donors and/or their loved ones. The goal is for the formwork to be able to be reused for building the next plaza.


Bluestone panels:

Stay tuned for more progress photos of the Monastery Prayer Path!



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