Giving a Split Level Home a Face Lift

A Marietta client came to Jones Pierce looking for ideas to update the curb appeal of his split level home. His goal wasn’t to renovate or remodel spaces. Rather, he wanted update the appearance of his home through minor cosmetic changes.

The Not So Extreme Makeover

The client found our Not So Extreme Makeover which allows us, as architects, to get involved no matter what the budget is. The process is an affordable way to get ideas for improving your home’s curb appeal without having to spend the time and money to get into the details of plans and construction.

Facelift Options for Split Level

We presented the client two different style options for improving the appearance of his home. One option makes the home feel more like a craftsman home. The other option adds a contemporary look to the split level.

Craftsman Facade on a Split Level Home Jones Pierce Architects






Modern Face on a Split Level Home Jones Pierce Architects



Update option #1: Craftsman Existing front of the  split level home Update Option #2: Contemporary

The client decided to go with the craftsman option!

The Completed Project

After choosing the craftsman version and using his measurements, we created a much smaller drawing package which only consisted of a few exterior details and an exterior elevation. This is a prime example of our goal for all projects, no matter the size nor budget, to be able to use the services of an architect.

Shortly after, construction began on the split-level face-lift.

Split Level Renovation Face Lift Jones Pierce architects

The Completed Project

Split Level Entrance front door Jones Pierce Architects

New Front Entrance

We are very satisfied with the result of this split-level face-lift. Simple changes, such as updated doors, windows, and exterior materials, can make a big different to your home’s appearance. Learn more about how we can help your home’s appearance with a Not So Extreme Makeover.

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