Families First Grand Opening

Local non-profit, Families First was founded on the Spelman campus in 1890 to serve the needs of children and families throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area.  The organization is setting a lofty goal to become the first source for any family requiring assistance, and they worked with Jones Pierce to expand into a new home back near their roots on the Westside, only a mile from where the root organization was founded. By 2020, they hope to expand their capabilities to help 200,000 families per year. The renovated building, once home to the E.R. Carter School, Atlanta’s first African- American public school in Washington Park. contains offices, a wide variety of semi-public, and private meeting spaces, training rooms, activity rooms, and rooms for use by the neighboring community along with outdoor play areas and meeting spaces. Throughout the building, there is ample light along with visual connections to the exterior, sculptural millwork and and expressive materials and objects, and a custom stained-glass donor wall celebrating the $13.3 million fund-raising campaign that made the project possible.

Families First Main Entrance

Employee Entry.


Main Lobby.

Front lobby seating area.

Entry Lobby sculptural stair and front desk.

Semi-private lobby area with custom art-work portraying the original founding of the organization and stained-glass sculptural donor-wall.

Open office space.

Community Conference Room.

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