Families’ First Construction Progress


Families’ First

Back in 2014, Jones Pierce was asked to transform a former Atlanta Public Schools building (est. 1928) into the new headquarters for Families’ First. This organization is a prominent and highly regarded Atlanta-based family services foundation.  For the last 125 years, they have  been providing empowering solutions for Atlanta’s most vulnerable population by connecting, strengthening and sustaining families. This large scale adaptive reuse project protected an existing structure by completely renovating/customizing the interior while leaving the historically significant portion of the structure and façade intact.

Construction Progress

Construction has begun on the project. We are excited to see progress soon!

pixel Families First front elev nov14 pixel Families' First front elev jan16
pixel "Watercolor
pixel Demolition Phase of Families' First
pixel Demolition is almost complete. We are almost ready to start building office walls.
pixel Office Spaces for Families' First
pixel Next, we are carving offices out of raw space.
pixel Wall Detail in Families' First
pixel The floorplan is different from the existing building. Therefore, we are slicing doorways where brick walls used to be.
pixel Newspaper clipping of Families' First
pixel A worker found an old newspaper in a demolished wall. This ad may seem old, yet Families First was open and helping Atlanta others almost forty years before these $535 cars were manufactured!
pixel Removed upper floor for Families' First
pixel The upper floor has been removed to reveal gray rectangles. These were once covered by blackboards in the classroom above. It’s comforting to know that helping children was once, and will always be, the focus of these spaces.
pixel Saving Trees on Families' First Site
pixel Saving trees was a priority when designing and building the new parking lot.

Check out the completed project:

Families First Grand Opening

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