Atlanta Urban Design Commission Award 2017

The 2017 Atlanta Urban Design Commision 40th Annual Awards for Excellence recognized projects, programs and individuals that have significantly contributed to the improvement of the built environment in the City of Atlanta, as well as the preservation of the City’s heritage. This year, Jones Pierce received the Award of Excellence in Contextual Infill category for the 405 9th Street project.
The project home is located on a corner lot within walking distance of Piedmont Park in Midtown. The lot, by virtue of being on a corner, does not fit a typical home builder’s front-facing prototype. Jones Pierce saw this as an opportunity to create a site-specific infill project addressing both the front and side streets while still accommodating the needs of modern living. A corner tower for the lower level entrance and upper level master bedroom provides an anchor, allowing both street facing facades to mark the corner with a higher element. Side yard access doors open to the dining room, allowing the space and users to spill out into the yard after dinner. The side yard wraps the corner to eventually transition into “backyard” space, landing in front of the covered porch. Success will be measured by a time when neighbors and passersby can no longer remember the time the house was not there, as if it was always meant to be a part of the original fabric of the neighborhood.

9th Street front elevation.

Taft Ave side elevation.

Corner tower anchoring both street exposed facades and visually accenting the corner.

Side porch with subtle curved wing walls framing low sloping roof.

Tower entry hall inviting into open dining and living space.


Modern dining room with accent wall.

Bright kitchen space with over-scaled island.

Tower master bedroom with massive custom windows bringing daylight into the space.

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